Outer Ring MMO to launch 20M randomized generative NFT weapons

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Out­er Ring MMO is launch­ing its NFT Loot­box­es next June 29th. With this drop, more than 350.000 ERC-721 tokens will be mint­ed, val­i­dat­ing in-game assets such as weapons, armors, or vehicles. 

But what is Out­er Ring doing differently? 

The 180.000 Loot­box­es on sale con­tain more than 20.000.000 ran­dom­ized com­bi­na­tions of weapons. When future play­ers open these vaults, they will start fill­ing their inven­to­ry with rif­fles, snipers, blades… There are 13 dif­fer­ent types, each with up to 14 com­bin­able pieces.

Each of these weapons has dif­fer­ent Tiers, Rar­i­ties and Stats deter­mined by the pieces that com­pose it. But the Loot­box­es Launch will mint less than 5% of these weapons. Once the game is released, play­ers must invest time col­lect­ing mate­ri­als, com­plet­ing mis­sions, and rais­ing their skills to craft each of the pieces that com­pose the weapons.

Attract and Empow­er Gamers

  • Break­ing entry bar­ri­ers and the fear of blockchain.
  • Let play­ers craft their own NFTs
  • A Play­er-Dri­ven Economy

The game is free to play and allows non-cryp­to gamers to enjoy its MMORPG game­play with­out inter­act­ing with the Blockchain. Assets can be trad­ed inside the game using EXO, (its soft in-game cur­ren­cy), or mint­ed, to export them to exter­nal mar­ket­places and the Galac­tic Dex.

All the assets (mate­ri­als, weapons, armors…) are either gen­er­at­ed as part of the game­play or cre­at­ed by play­ers. This is called a Play­er Dri­ven Econ­o­my. Gamers will com­pete for resources, craft their own Gen­er­a­tive NFT weapons and items, and earn rev­enue by trad­ing them in a free tok­enized market.

How to Enter Out­er Ring’s Universe?

Out­er Ring launched its gov­er­nance token GQ on March. On the same day, they opened their Stak­ing sys­tem where play­ers could gen­er­ate in-game mate­ri­als (Iron, Vana­di­um, Nick­el…) and Space Cour­saire Keys, the cur­ren­cy used to pur­chase Loot­box­es at a 50% discount.

At the end of this month: June 22nd for Whitelist win­ners and June 29th on the Open Sale, play­ers will choose between these Lootboxes: 

  • Tier 1.   50000u.      15 BUSD
  • Tier 2.   15000u.      60 BUSD
  • Tier 3.     7500u.    150 BUSD
  • Tier 4.     5000u.    240 BUSD
  • Tier 5.     2500u.    800 BUSD
  • Clan Tier.  500u.  1500 BUSD

The raf­fle will use Chain­link VRF to help pro­vide ran­dom­ness to each NFT along with pub­licly ver­i­fi­able proof direct­ly on-chain that the ran­dom­ness was not tam­pered with. 

In them, you will find EXO, mate­ri­als, armors, Gen­er­a­tive NFT weapons, land and space vehi­cles and Clan Badges. These NFTs will be used to unlock expe­ri­ences and gain spe­cial access to Tech Demos (test­ing demos for mechan­ics fre­quent­ly used by the team), raf­fles, whitelists for lands and oth­er col­lab­o­rat­ing projects, or the oppor­tu­ni­ty to read the nov­el that inspires the Out­er Ring uni­verse.

Dis­claimer: This is a paid post and should not be treat­ed as news/advice.



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