Osmosis unveils a demo NFT builder

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Osmo­sis has unveiled a demo NFT builder that allows users to mint NFTs and unlock acces­sories as they inter­act with the ecosys­tem, accord­ing to a June 20 tweet.

The demo NFT builder will allow users to com­plete mis­sions and unlock oth­er acces­sories. In addi­tion, users can use the unlocked acces­sories to cus­tomize the dif­fer­ent NFTs cre­at­ed in the demo.


The Osmo­sis team fur­ther stat­ed that the demo NFT would give “users new ways to mint NFTs and make them con­tin­u­ous and explore their poten­tial utility.”

Gradual recovery

As cov­ered in a June 9 report, Osmo­sis was the sub­ject of an exploit that result­ed in the loss of around $5 mil­lion. The exploita­tion came after the dis­clo­sure of a bug that allowed users to earn an extra 50% when adding and with­draw­ing liquidity.

As a result, the team shut down the chain to resolve the bug. The chain restart­ed on June 12, after the team updat­ed the secu­ri­ty protocols.

On June 16, the decen­tral­ized exchange announced the launch of a cross-sys­tem token swap. The token swap enabled by Axe­lar allows users to swap or exchange tokens with the Ethereum ecosys­tem with­out a third party.

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