Metaverz Studio and Mirrorworld give users a chance to bring AOZ persona to life

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From the moment you mint­ed the select­ed AOZ cit­i­zen NFT, we believe a bond has been cre­at­ed between you and this par­tic­u­lar PFP art­work, or a per­sona of the dig­i­tal world. Dig­i­tal doesn’t make it less real. There is some­thing about it that strikes you, and you’d believe that it has a par­tic­u­lar char­ac­ter you’d also seen in your­self beneath its col­or­ful skin. 

Now you’ve got a chance to bring your AOZ cit­i­zen per­sona to life. The coop­er­a­tion joint­ly announced by Mir­ror­world and Metaverz Stu­dio  (who has cre­at­ed and launched the AOZ project) on Jan­u­ary 6th, 2022 will enable you to mint a SOUL for your AOZ persona. 

What is a Soul?

A Soul is a dia­logue chip pow­ered by arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence to make your NFT more engag­ing and inter­ac­tive. Every Soul NFT can be incor­po­rat­ed into an exist­ing NFT to bring it to life. More specif­i­cal­ly, Soul NFT con­sists of 6 lev­els of dia­logue. Mir­ror World com­mer­cial­ized the world’s first intel­li­gent NFT in May 2021. 

How do you claim a Soul?


Start time: 8 AM UTC, Jan­u­ary 6, 2022

AOZ launched pub­lic mint­ing on Decem­ber 15, 2021, hit­ting mile­stones of 1500 NFTs for pub­lic mint. All our AOZ NFT hold­ers are eli­gi­ble for a com­pli­men­ta­ry Mir­ror World Soul. 

First, vis­it the Mir­ror World web­site, select “SOUL” on top, and click the “Claim” but­ton. Next, con­nect your Meta­Mask wal­let and make sure it’s oper­at­ing on the Main­net. Then, pro­ceed with the Soul Claim­ing process by click­ing the “Con­firm” but­ton in the Meta­Mask wal­let. Hold­ers are respon­si­ble for the gas fee for minting.


Bind­ing your Soul

After you have claimed your Soul, you can bind it to your AOZ NFT by click­ing the “Bind now” but­ton. Once the bind­ing process com­pletes, you can com­mu­ni­cate with your AOZ NFT as it’s now endowed with intel­li­gence. If you hap­pen to have more than one AOZ NFT, you can release your Soul and bind with any­one you desire.


Stay Tuned

In Q1 2022, AOZ will intro­duce a com­mu­ni­ty cre­ation fea­ture enabling AOZ hold­ers to devel­op deriv­a­tives of their Cit­i­zens. Com­mu­ni­ty gov­er­nance will be estab­lished for hold­ers to dis­cov­er new oppor­tu­ni­ties to use their NFTs in Defi and gam­ing. A liq­uid­i­ty pool will be set up to sta­bi­lize AOZ NFT prices, com­ing from 5% of sales.

In Q2 2022, AOZ will launch the Meta­verse of Decen­trop­o­lis and intro­duce AOZ game­fi. Decen­trop­o­lis is vul­ner­a­ble to aliens, and all cit­i­zens must com­bat these invaders and restore the city togeth­er. Users will explore the inter­ac­tive meta­verse with NFT avatars and enjoy an incred­i­ble mul­ti­play­er experience.

About AOZ

Launched by Metaverz Stu­dio, Age of Z (AOZ) is a rev­o­lu­tion­ary Pho­to For Pro­file project that incor­po­rates the Gen Z community’s prin­ci­ples and val­ues: inclu­siv­i­ty, pri­va­cy, and free will. AOZ com­pris­es 1993 hand-drawn “Cit­i­zens”, each with its own set of futur­is­tic qual­i­ties. All cit­i­zens are com­mit­ted to estab­lish­ing a self-suf­fi­cient, autonomous, and har­mo­nious new world in which inno­v­a­tive and col­lab­o­ra­tive solu­tions are adopt­ed to pro­tect and enhance pri­va­cy. The AOZ meta­verse is an open and decen­tral­ized com­mu­ni­ty fea­tur­ing cyber­punk and con­tem­po­rary art.

About Mir­ror World

Mir­ror World is a vir­tu­al world on blockchain pow­ered by arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence and oth­er tech­nolo­gies. It inte­grates mul­ti­ple games and expe­ri­ences and gives users access to var­i­ous gam­ing sce­nar­ios by uti­liz­ing inter­con­nect­ed and inde­pen­dent eco­nom­ic sys­tems. There are AI vir­tu­al crea­tures capa­ble of exer­cis­ing their wills, along with real-world users. Users can com­mu­ni­cate with them in the Mir­ror World and inter­act with them in social, gam­ing, and oth­er scenarios.

 Dis­claimer: This is a paid post and should not be treat­ed as news/advice.

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