Sriki, main accused in bitcoin scam, detained after hotel brawl in Bengaluru

Sriki had been released on bail two months ago and his whereabouts were not known to the police.

The Karnataka police on Saturday, November 6, detained Srikrishna alias Sriki, the main accused in the Bitcoin scandal from a five-star hotel in Bengaluru. According to Jeevan Bhima Nagar police, they got information that Sriki was present at the hotel after a staffer tipped them off that he was involved in a brawl. The police reached the hotel and picked him up for questioning

Accused Sriki is said to have been released on bail two months ago and his whereabouts were not known to the police. He is said to be the kingpin behind the Bitcoin scandal which has rattled the political circles of Karnataka

Accused Sriki was found quarrelling with one Vishnu Bhat at a five-star hotel in the city. Sriki also got into a brawl with the security officer, according to police. On receiving information about the brawl, the police have picked both Sriki and Vishnu Bhat. Sources told IANS, that there is something more to the arrest as the entire scandal is being discussed at the national level

The opposition has alleged that some leaders from the ruling BJP are ‘hand-in-glove’ with the accused and have received huge kickbacks. The Congress has been attacking the government over the issue and Opposition leader Siddaramaiah had said that he will make sensational claims with documents regarding the scandal on Monday, November 7

Recently, the issue reached the Prime Minister’s office and according to IANS, sources have said that the allegations are being taken seriously and the PMO has recommended further investigation in the matter. This created a furore among a section of the leadership, especially the top-rung leaders, and party insiders told IANS that the development could lead to major changes in the ruling establishment

The Congress had stated that it will file an application under RTI on the Bitcoin scandal, according to its state chief DK Shivakumar.


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