Elon Musk Has “Perfect Reply” to Dogecoin Co-Founder’s Crypto Scam Warning

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Alex Dovbnya

Elon Musk has posted yet another tweet directed toward the issue of cryptocurrency scams

Elon Musk has once again called attention to the proliferation of cryptocurrency giveaway scams.

The centibillionaire jokingly asked Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus if the latter would send him 1 DOGE coin after receiving 2 DOGE coins from Musk.

Flattered by such attention, Markus said that such a question was “the perfect reply” to his warning about risks associated with crypto.

In a sobering tweet directed at naive members of the crypto community members, the Dogecoin co-founder writes that one’s profits come from other people taking risks since there are “no promises” in crypto.

Last week, Musk also complained about fraud on crypto Twitter, showing his growing frustration with countless bogus accounts.

In July 2020, the entrepreneur’s Twitter account was temporarily compromised to advertise a Bitcoin giveaway scam during the largest hack in the social media platform’s history.

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