HypeArt Announces NFT with FVCKRENDER

FVCKRENDER has teamed up with HypeArt to release the media mainstay’s first-ever collaborative NFT that takes inspiration from HYPEBEAST’s iconic print magazine covers. Entitled FVCK_HYPEBEAST//, the artist created an entirely-new CG art featuring crystallized florals with ‘HYPEBEAST’ text imposed on the digital cover. This joint work signals the start of ongoing partnerships between the publication and leading artists in the global contemporary art sector.

Frederic Duquette, aka FVCKRENDER, is the leading digital artist from Montreal known for his 3D loops of alien subjects to undulating forms inspired by architectural geometry. The artist uses a wide range of tools found within Cinema 4D software — heralded as the industry standard for 3D modeling — to create futuristic landscapes, crystalline arrangements and all sorts of hallucinatory renderings. It’s only been five years since Duquette started developing digital-based projects, but he has already built an immense portfolio of both personal and commission-based projects, especially in the NFT space. 

The one of one NFT artwork will be available for bidding from October 29 through November 5 exclusively on HypeArt here and listed on OpenSea. A reserve price of 1 ETH will be set for the digital piece. Stay tuned for more information.

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