Creatd Launches Its Second NFT, Features Donald Trump Photograph

Creatd Launches
NFT News

  • Creatd has launched its second NFT art drop.
  • The NFT features former US President Donald Trump photograph.

With NFTs on the move, the parent company of OG Gallery, Creatd has announced the launch of its second non-fungible token (NFT) art drop. This time round, the firm’s second NFT art drop features none other than the US ex-President Donald Trump’s photograph.

With this release, it is worth mentioning that the NFT captures a high-interest asset, particularly of the OG’s Collection. Specifically, the Creatd’s NFT-curated digital artwork comprises mainly three photographs of Donald Trump in a frame.

To mention, the NFT clearly shows a candid image of young Donald Trump. In essence, the images showcase a signal of Trump attempting to sign the breast of an iconic model. Notably, the presence of such NFT represents the first time in history that Trump’s photo-like NFT is out.

Creatd Launches
  The Trump Photograph

However, as the NFT dropped in the market, a whopping 5.3 million shares had already been traded in New York as of now. On the other hand, this news came a few days after Creatd’s WHE Agency signed TikTok creator Alexis LaRue. Right after signing LaRue, the shares eventually closed at 41% higher that day.

Additionally, after Creatd gave the announcement, Digital World — a company that plans to partner with Trump Media & Technology Group shares increased by 800%.  

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