China’s BSN Launches Service Portal In Hong Kong, Macau With DigiXnode

Hong Kong-based blockchain technology company digiXnode Technology Ltd. today officially launched an exclusive service portal — for users in Hong Kong and Macau — that grants access to the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN), China’s public-private nationwide infrastructure project to spur mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Fast facts

  • By subscribing to the service from digiXnode’s website — — blockchain application developers can have legal access to a variety of blockchain frameworks in mainland China and overseas, according to a company statement.
  • “Users can access the frameworks on Blockchain-based Service Network with the cheapest, easiest, and quickest way to make secure and trusted cross-border digital transactions,” Paul Wong, co-Founder of dXn, said.
  • The official launch of the Hong Kong and Macau service portal marks a step further for the BSN’s overseas expansion plans. BSN International entered a soft launch stage for its portal in Hong Kong and Macau on Sept. 1, said Tim Bailey, vice president of global sales at Red Date Technology, the company China tapped to manage its BSN, in an interview last month with Forkast.News
  • In addition to launching portals to serve users in Hong Kong and Macau, Red Date has announced it is setting up BSN portals in South KoreaTurkey and Uzbekistan.
  • Earlier this month, BSN said that it is partnering with Cypherium, a New York-based smart contract technology provider, to advance interoperability and enhance efficiency for central banks to develop and manage central bank digital currencies.
  • In July 2020, the BSN separated into two ecosystems, BSN China and BSN International. BSN International, headquartered in Hong Kong, has integrated major public chains, which tend to focus on cryptocurrency and decentralized systems, while BSN China, which owns the majority of BSN’s city nodes across the mainland, is a separate permission-based system that cannot access public chains deployed on BSN International.

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