ASSEMBLE Protocol Now Listed on Crypto Exchange Coinbase

  • ASSEMBLE Protocol asset price shows massive gains.
  • ASM Protocol unionized the business mileages/points.
  • 2021 happens to be the most dynamic year for the ASSEMBLE Protocol.

ASSEMBLE Protocol asset price shows massive gains over 24 hours after listing on Coinbase exchange, which came after listing on Coinbase Pro. More so, the listing is preceded by the high influx of the trading volume on both CEX and DEX platforms topping at the $500 million at its peak, which is followed by the which is the 6th centralized exchange in the world.

Moreover, ASSEMBLE is the most leading South Korean mileage integration protocol which pioneers the local market by connecting the leading companies. This happens in order to enhance smooth integration of the loyalty points with its ASP which could be further exchanged to the ASM token.

More so, ASSEMBLE Protocol unionized the business mileages/points to exchange the affiliate corporate’s loyalty points into unified reward point ASP which is further swapped to the ASM token. Added to this, the revolutionary concept of gathering various mileages and loyalty points together into a single, unified, digital wallet is present previously in the South Korean market. This is because of various issues involved with the mileage expiration and dispersion feature. 

Assemble Protocol has been one of the most successful companies that has combined loyalty points and blockchain technology so far and has a track record of success. The company’s iOS and Android applications are currently used by more than 750,000 users.

With ASSEMBLE, you can connect to traditional businesses on the Ethereum Mainnet with the benefits of distributed ledger technology. In addition, you can use your points on multiple destinations with ASSEMBLE. Within the ASSEMBLE platform, users can freely transfer points or purchase goods and services. 

Our ASSEMBLE team has witnessed a major development with the creation of the ASSEMBLE Wallet desktop application. With its completion, users can now purchase eGift cards and exchange points on their desktop, as well as mobile apps and browsers for Android and iOS.

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ASSEMBLES Protocol experienced its most dynamic year in 2021. In May, Coinbase Institutional confirmed that the ASM token would be stored in cold storage and supported for custody. This paved the way for the potential support of their other platforms, especially Coinbase Pro. Coinbase Pro officially announced the addition of ASSEMBLE Protocol’s ASM token to their platform on Wednesday, 20th October 2021. 

Coinbase stated in their official blog post that the Coinbase platform will support trading the day after the listing. Nevertheless, some users were already able to use inbound transfers and deposit ASM using their Coinbase Pro accounts. One of the most important milestones in ASSEMBLE’s success was Coinbase’s Pro listing, which led to the 200% jump in the price of ASM. In anticipation of Coinbase listing, AMS transaction volume surged by over 26,000%. 

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