A Crypto Token for the Tattoo Industry – An Initiative Born of Ideology

The tattoo industry has come together to make its mark in the crypto world. The $TAT2 token was created to allow you to pay for a tattoo with a dedicated cryptocurrency and to tokenize the work of artists, handing this revolutionary tool back to the community.

TattooMoney is a grassroots initiative that was created by tattoo artists with the future of the tattoo industry in mind. The project has caught the attention of programmers and entrepreneurs alike who see the potential of this niche global sector that has now entered the mainstream.

TattooMoney LDT has introduced the $TAT2 currency to pay for services at tattoo studios worldwide, offering a global payment and settlement tool for tattoo artists, along with their clients and contractors. You can learn more about TattooMoney from our white paper at https://tattoomoney.io or at industry conventions. The project has also developed the TAT2ATM network at leading tattoo studios around the world, where local currency can be converted directly into $TAT2.

Work began on this concept back in 2019, and the tattoo industry is now ready to implement this digital ecosystem. The readiness can be seen in the results of private sales, the growing interest in public sales, and online auctions that have won the attention of not only buyers but also of other willing artists who want to tokenize their artwork and professional services. The NFTattoo platform will curate artwork including original paintings, digital art, and prints.

Holders of $TAT2 will moreover be able to stake, collect, and trade NFTs. The goal is the globalization and promotion of various expressions of tattoo art. You can now use $TAT2 to purchase original works of art via online auctions. One painting by renowned tattoo artist and the project’s co-founder, Tomasz TOFI Torfinski sold for 500,000 $TAT2, and a work by Stu Pagdin sold for 130,000 $TAT2. A work by Julien Thibers is now up for auction with a starting price of 30,000 $TAT2. Further artists are also in line to have their art auctioned.

COO Davee Blows (said), “By decentralizing the project, the tattoo community will gain a new independent platform it can co-create and develop in the digital world.” In this way, experienced tattoo artists are providing the next generation with a tool to unite the industry, and make it more innovative and digital, adapting to market demands.

About TattooMoney

TattooMoney LTD is a company founded on three pillars: artistic, technical, and business. This combination and our understanding of the needs of the tattoo industry allows us to create a solid digital ecosystem. The project’s business model is based on various sources of financing to ensure its security and make it resistant to market fluctuations.

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NOTE TO EDITOR: TattooMoney is an international company. For more information visit the website: tattoomoney.io

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