Warren Buffet Massive Backing Into RippleNet Bank

  • Warren Buffett’s entire argument is in favor of Bitcoin.
  • Brazilian digital bank gets a 500M investment from Buffett investment fund.

Warren Buffett knows about the things that are going on behind the scenes of digital assets. Furthermore, his entire argument in favor of Bitcoin is that he needs to protect his gold investments. But all it boils down to people like Warren Buffett is the money which he is going to invest.

In addition, $60,000 is still holding up strong for Bitcoin. Notably, the BTC dominance has dropped just a little bit at 44.45%. More so, 60,000 is a huge key resistance area for BTC as it will accelerate up to over $74,000 which is the next stop. The main aim for bitcoin is to trade between $80,000 to $100,000.

Youtuber adds, yet to see a major rotation into we have yet to see XRP pop. This comes usually when XRP starts flying which indicates that we are getting close to the end. However, this time I believe it’s going to be a little different because we do have that massive multiplier effect coming into play towards the end of the cycle.

When the lawsuit was a ripple and the sec wraps up we have never had this before. In addition, we have the exchanges relisting a lot of money waiting on the sideline wall streets just sitting there waiting. This is because they can finally invest in an asset that is going to have regulatory clarity which is key folks.

Everyone can keep their eyes on Bitcoin at 60K if they do drop down we’re going to drop into the 50s. It is not possible to see Bitcoin going any lower. Notably, XRP had a silent week with a very low volume. More so, the triangle is getting narrower each and every day which is a good thing.

Because users know what happens when it gets to that triangle. It is either going to go up or it is going to go down and the market sentiment right now is pointing to us going up.

Even more, as at the beginning of November, we’re looking for an XRP breakout. Added to this, it is not possible to get a five to seven trillion-dollar market cap Bitcoin. More so, Ethereum is going to take three trillion of that market cap which has two trillion dollars left. XRP is going to be a legally cleared currency — the first one of its kind.

In addition, XRP has utility behind it which is going to start ramping up the use and volume price plus demand is going to bring the price to a trillion market cap. Moreover, those who keep their XRP on Binance.us hope to get the airdrop for a songbird. Unfortunately, Binance.us will not support this airdrop.

New Bank and Ripple Net Partnership

The new bank is a Latin American NEO bank and the largest financial technology bank in Latin America. Moreover, the company has engineering offices in Berlin, Germany, Argentina, and an office in Mexico City.

June of this year Warren Buffett’s Bert Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has invested 500 million into Brazilian challenging new bank. Therefore, the Brazilian digital bank new bank has announced today that it has received a 500 million investment from Warren Buffett investment fund Berkshire Hathaway.

Moreover, Berkshire Hathaway invested in an extension of the fintech’s 400 million series g round announced in January. In addition, Buffett’s company also had a stone code a Brazil-based digital firm among its tech investments in the region. This is because users got Warren Buffett dumping 500 million into the new bank which is absolute insanity.

The New bank is a Ripple net member. Specifically, the new bank and Ripple net partnership pretty much came out right around the same time that Warren Buffett was sending funding money to them. What do you think could possibly be going on and then it gets more interesting here.

Ripple Works Through Ripple x NFTs

South Korean exchange Coinone, a Ripple partner, used to run a remittance app called cross and had 22 percent of its shares. This is the second-longest position acquired by game evil, a game developer with the intent to develop blockchain-based products NFTs in games.

More so, the game evil is located in Seoul and la and they largely focus on mobile games. In addition, this is absolutely tremendous so why are they buying up coin ones shares the second largest position of coin one shares to get into mobile gaming and NFTs.

Ripple now works through Ripple x NFTs they’re into mobile gaming as well as cross-end partner with Ripple to launch South Korea’s blockchain first blockchain-based real-time global payment system. This is a huge listen these NFTs mobile games that are coming to the Ripple ledger to the XRP are going to be a game-changer.

South Korea and Japan are going to lead the way for adoption you have already seen be put together a gaming team which the people who are on their gaming. Squad and gaming are huge if you don’t think gaming is a huge thing it is one of the biggest.

It’s one of the biggest job opportunities out there for young kids they are getting developing and creating a brand new craft that is taking off all around the world. Users probably don’t hear much about it if they were not into gaming.

But if you’re into gaming just the slightest bit you would be shocked with all the different tournaments, teams, groups, and competitions that they have going on so bringing blockchain into gaming and getting NFTs into games is going to be a game-changer.

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