Liquid Craft to Launch NFT Series in Exclusive Whitelist on October 29

Windsor, Colorado–(Newsfile Corp. – October 24, 2021) – A new form of NFTs that include a fresh spin on the popular art trend, is set to release from Liquid Craft on Oct 29th at 12 PM PST for presale, and Oct 31st 12 PM PST for public sale. The first release from the project is a series of handcrafted liquor-backed NFTs titled Dragons and Bourbon.

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Each NFT released in the limited series is backed by a bottle of small-batch, premium bourbon, uniquely crafted for this collection. Liquid Craft is also offering buyers of this first NFT mint the chance for numerous exclusive offers and airdrops.

Liquid Craft is a project determined to bring additional value to the NFT space while at the same time, providing a new alternative to traditional liquor investing. The aim is to bring benefits to the crafters that create fine liquors, the would-be collectors of this investment class, and the NFT market collectively.

Liquid Craft First NFT Series – Dragons and Bourbon

The first release from Liquid Craft is a partnership with multi-award-winning distillers from Windsor, Colorado – The Heart Distillery. The Colorado based distillers who are world-renowned for their dedication to the art of distilling, have handcrafted a small batch, cask strength bourbon specifically for this NFT series. The Heart Distillery’s team of passionate crafters have created this small-batch bourbon with only homegrown and local ingredients. This ensures this limited edition NFT release is backed by something that cannot be replicated or found anywhere else.

Digital Art Meets Liquid Art

Each Dragons and Bourbon NFT on offer as part of the Oct 29th launch is backed 1:1 with a bottle of this liquid art. There will be two separate tiers made available as part of the launch, one tier for the Binance Smart Chain and the other for the Ethereum Network. Both tiers will be eligible for CRAFT token airdrops and exclusive offers to buyers to show appreciation to the first round of the project’s supporters.

NFTs – Positive Impacts On Multiple Industries

Liquid Craft aims to provide solutions for everyday problems currently facing the craft liquor industry, using blockchain technology and NFTs. Currently taking the world by storm, NFTs provide a variety of use cases in different sectors that include collectibles, music, art, and gaming.

Liquid Craft is using this technology to improve the traditional liquor investment market as well as assist the crafters of fine spirits, in a time that has seen many fighting to stay afloat due to the global pandemic.

Can NFTs Offer a Lifeline to a Struggling Industry?

Distillers, Breweries, and Wineries have traditionally relied on tourism as a substantial part of their business model. With international tourism at all-time lows, many are seeking alternative revenue options. Buyers are currently unable or unwilling to leave their local markets, with this resulting in many businesses losing a much-needed revenue stream. Liquid Craft believes NFTs and the smart contracts they are built on to be a viable solution.

The project is currently in the build phase of a complete marketplace to cater to international crafters of all sizes. The marketplace will enable them to use NFT and blockchain technology to showcase their product to a larger, more global audience, adding an additional option to sell their crafts.

Liquid Crafts Solution To Trading Physical Assets

For the collector of fine liquors, NFTs can also provide a significant benefit. The collectible liquor investment world is appreciating and growing fast, but traditional processes including intermediaries, transport, and storage requirements can be a deterrent to would-be investors. Investors can collect, or trade the value of the liquor as an NFT, as often as they like, while the physical product is stored safely with the supplier.

At any time, the current owner of the NFT can redeem the digital art piece for the physical product, with a handover process taking place. The NFT can trade hands numerous times and can only be redeemed once, with all transactions and ownership details recorded by the smart contract.

Liquid Crafts October 29th Launch

Liquid Craft has set the launch date for the Dragons and Bourbon NFT series to go live as of October 29th at 12 PM PST. An increased marketing drive is underway leading up to the release. To assist with the launch, Coinpresso, an expert SEO and crypto marketing agency, have partnered with Liquid Craft to bring their expertise and experience to all future marketing and promotional needs.

AMAs, Giveaways, and Whitelist Opportunities

For buyers seeking to purchase a Dragons and Bourbon NFT but are concerned with the limited first release number, Liquid Craft has ongoing promotions across all of their social media pages as well as numerous AMAs. All are offering opportunities to win D&B NFTs, as well as white list opportunities for participants. The launch itself will see initial buyers become eligible for airdrops, instant entry to future promotions and competitions as well as exclusive offerings not available to the general public.


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