Dallas Mavericks Plan To Rollout Exclusive NFTs, Says Mark Cuban

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Earlier this year it was announced by Theblockcrypto.com, that billionaire Mark Cuban was building a digital art gallery for NFTs. The art gallery is called Lazy.com, is effectively an online gallery for artworks, Cuban said. 

“I wanted an easy way to show my NFTs and a way to put them in my social bios, my email signature, and any place I can stick a URL,” Cuban said. “People are curious about what other people collect. There wasn’t a super-easy way to do it.”

The process to reach the platform is fairly simple. Users are able to register with an email address and add their MetaMask portfolio. Once they have created a single URL, they can share their NFT collection on various social media networks as well as through e-mail and text. The platform does not show the wallet addresses of users.

That’s not the only NFTs that Cuban is looking to reveal this year. During an interview with FortyEightMinutes.com, he and the Dallas Mavericks are looking to offer exclusive NFTs to Mav fans that attend home games.

“What we’re trying to do with NFT’s is everybody who goes to a Mavs game, and scans their smart ticket from Ticketmaster, and has a Ticketmaster account. We’re going to deposit a specially created NFT for Mavs fans for every game you attend. And the more in the more games you attend, the more NFT’s you’ll get and the more consecutive games you attend, you’ll be rewarded for going to a lot of games,” said Cuban.

“So if LB buys a ticket on the Mavs’ website through Ticketmaster and goes to the game and scans in your account, then when the game is over, you’ll be able to go to a website we’re setting up and the NFT collectible will be there for you. And if you go to 10 games in a row or go to 10 games in total, we’ll gamify it and there’ll be different rewards just for that. And so that’s something we’re working on right now in our testing.”

The Dallas Mavericks are coming off a 103-95 win over the Toronto Raptors and will play host for their home opener against the Houston Rockets on Tuesday night.

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