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The cryptocurrency space is home to many new projects that come to market every week. Most of these projects require funding and will seek out the IEO or IDO business model. These five recently launched projects have an ROI in USD of over 10x today. 

Moniwar (MOWA – IDO Ended October 13)

The appeal of blockchain games with NFT support is not diminishing just yet. Buying tokens for new games early can create a player advantage or give investors a relatively quick ROI and profit. For Moniwar, a new play-to-earn game on  Binance Smart Chain, there was sufficient interest in its IDO, which ended October 13. Tokens were sold for $0.035 and now trade at $0.377, providing a 10.76x ROI in USD value. 

DareNFT (DNFT – IDO Ended October 14)

Although it is ambitious to call a project “ẗhe universal NFT protocol for digital assets,” DareNFT primarily focuses on metaverses and GameFi. Both pillars are crucial in this industry, and it appears investors took strong note of the DNFT IDO, where tokens were sold for $0.0002. Thanks to the current 13.9x ROI in USD, DNFT now trades at $0.00278. 

Blockchain Monster Hunt (BCMC – IDO Ended October 15)

Multi-chain NFT blockchain games have tremendous potential in this competitive industry. However, relying on one blockchain is insufficient, especially when the goal is to attract millions of players. Players can hunt monsters from the timeline or buy them from the native marketplace. Through battling, players earn BCMC tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. BCMC was sold at $0.09 during the IDO and now trades at $1.51, netting a 16.9x ROI in USD. 

WonderHero (WND – IDO Ended October 22)

Mobile gaming is one segment where NFT-based play-to-earn projects can make a significant impact. WonderHero aims to tackle that market through its anime-inspired RPG combat. Players can earn rate NFT drops by defeating epic bosses. During the IDO, WND tokens were sold at $0.130 and are now valued at $2.7. Investors have a 20.74x ROI in USD within a few days after launch, which is rather impressive. 

Lazio Fan Token (LAZIO – IDO Ended October 22)

Fan tokens have been an intriguing addition to the cryptocurrency space. More specifically, speculators can often make good money by buying new tokens early on and selling them before the hype quiets down. LAZIO was sold for $1 during the IDO and now trade for $12.96, resulting in a 12.95x ROI in USD. It will be interesting to see how high the value of this token can go, although they may depend on how well S.S. Lazio performs in the Serie A and Europa League. 

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