XRPL Devs Can Participate in Second Grant Program

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Vladislav Sopov

“Shadowy super coders” interested in joining the club of XRP Ledger developers can apply for funding, here’s how


Ripple’s Elliot Lee, former Paypal and Kraken engineer, shares an invitation to the second iteration of a large-scale grant program focused on XRP Ledger solutions.

Bringing sidechains, NFTs and dev tools to XRP Ledger

According to the latest tweet shared by Mr. Lee, Ripple X and XRPL Labs are inviting all blockchain developers to take part in the XRPL Grants Program.

The second round of the XRPL Grants Program (Wave 2) welcomes both projects working on improvements to XRP Ledger core technology and end-user retail applications.

In this round, the red-hot segments of non-fungible tokens and sidechains are in the spotlight alongside core infrastructure and developer tooling.

In the sidechain section, organizers are waiting for projects that develop custom XRPL sidechains, integrate sidechain support into XRPL explorers and build various tools and services for sidechains.

At the same time, projects focused on other XRPL-centric use cases can also apply for funding.

Application campaign closes on Oct. 28

To be eligible for the grant program, XRPL-based products should have a viable prototype and “some technical development.”

The deadline for applicants is Oct. 28, 2021. Finalists of the preliminary stage will be chosen for interviews.

As covered by U.Today previously, within the first iteration of this program, 25 grantees received a total of $2 million in funding from Ripple X.

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