The Pirates of Solana ARGHHH coming – A revolutionary P2E

New York City, NY , Oct. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Not all treasure is silver and gold…The Pirates Of Solana (POS) is a 3D high-quality collection of 7777 multi-character pirate NFTs—unique digital collectibles cursed to eternally roam and plunder the seven metaver-seas of Solana, in hunt of the legendary Sol-piece starting from the 25th October 2021.

Not only are each of the pirates unique but they also offer some special opportunities for their holders. Your pirate NFT is your ticket to sail the Solana Seas, to form/join crews and to compete with others via duels for lucrative rewards. As the POS community grows so will their vision, as of now to see what they have in store have a look at their roadmap!

The soul of the Pirates

Every soul possesses a desire for adventure, danger, and exploration. This universal human emotion has been captured and magnified by mainly one particular group of individuals in the past: pirates. POS aims to bring the thrill of being a pirate i.e. experiencing freedom, adventure, and raucous living for those that seek it in the form of a game, and with the help of the blockchain we can incentivise this. The team at POS have a vision of becoming one of the most successful P2E games with their unique economic model and concept.

While shedding more light on the project, the Pirates Of Solana leadership explained that each pirate will be a “container” which can be upgraded via various competitions, tournaments and through the unique duelling system. Holders will also be rewarded with a portion of royalties which will distributed to them via two different methods:

  • Treasure Hunts – open for all pirates
  • Quarterly Tournaments – both free (with SOL & NFT upgrade rewards) as well as those with an entry fee distributed amongst winners.

The leadership expressed its determination to keep the project going smoothly and well-funded. It said that 4% of royalties on the 7,777 Pirates to be minted will be returned to the community through these methods. A further 2% of the royalties will be devoted to funding the project, a necessity to keep it afloat.

Unique Characters

Pirates Of Solana are the first NFT collection to host several different characters in their collection, each with shared as well as unique traits that are character specific – these will play a big role in the upcoming duelling system!

Pirate Duels and Crew Battles

Pirates of Solana will offer a turn-based fighting game scheduled to debut in Q2 2022.

Each time you start a new fight, you will roll randomized stats for your pirate based on predetermined ranges associated with each of your NFTs unique items and attributes. These will be in the following categories:

  • Attack Power (AP)
  • Accuracy
  • Defense
  • Health Points (HP)
  • Special Bonus

There will also be crew fights, where you will be able to team up with other pirates provided you have a pirate ship and at least 1 captain and two scallywags amongst your team. You will be able to fight 1v1, 3v3, 4v4 or 5v5 and climb the ranks alone or with your team!

Membership for everyone

Once you purchase the token, you are automatically qualified to enter the Seven Seas of Solana as a Pirate. Your membership qualifies you for tons of benefits that include high-calibre NFT project mint passes, presale spots on future PiratesOfSolana collections and a host of other incentives.

The start of the journey

The idea for the project was reportedly born between July and August 2021. After several brainstorming sessions, the founders decided to assemble a team of talented and experienced developers and artists and game designers to handle the project and bring it to reality.

The team eventually decided to take the project to the internet, and by extension, a larger target audience by hosting a pre-sale limited to 500 tokens. While 5,000 tokens were reserved for pre-sale, the remaining NFTs are to be minted by the public through the Pirates Of Solana website.

Once all 7,777 Pirates are set free to eternally roam the seas, they will be available to obtain on the major NFT marketplaces.

Minted on Solana

According to the Pirates Of Solana leadership, they have decided to mint their collection on the Solana blockchain, one of the fastest blockchains in the world and the fastest-growing ecosystem in the cryptocurrency community. Currently, it is the foundation for over 600 projects including NFTs, DeFi, Web3, and a host of others. The primary reason for this being its compatibility with the dueling system to be released in early Q2 2022.

The project’s leadership also cited Solana’s popularity in the cryptocurrency community, its low fees and its bullish nature as the fundamental reasons for why it chose the blockchain for the project.

Members of the public and interested investors are advised to visit Pirates of Solana official website to keep a tab on the project’s development and the roadmap from the ideation stage to the future.

Pirates with a Social cause

“A true pirate gives back” as stated by the Pirates Of Solana core leadership. In And for that reason, they have decided to donate a whopping $50,000 of minting proceeds to Reef-World Foundation which aims “To inspire and empower people to act in conserving and sustainably developing coastal resources, particularly coral reefs and related ecosystems.” This charity was chosen by the community for the amazing work they’ve been doing to support basic marine ecology since 1999.

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