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Reddit, the famous social media platform, could be on its way to support the design, build, and maintenance of an NFT platform. According to a job posting on Greenhouse, the social media site is currently looking for a backend engineer for a platform that would be responsible for millions of active users buying, creating, and selling NFT-backed digital goods.

The position would require one to have experience of around five years in backend development- along with the ability to implement and design complex distributed systems that could operate under a high load. 

Reddit Joins NFT Race

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Reddit has previously acted as an important medium that would help bring together cryptocurrency users for several years, with the subreddit of the platform being largely responsible for the increasing prices of tokens that include Dogecoin. Most users can also earn the Community Points offered by the platform- digital currency-like tokens that take the form of Bricks and moons- by uploading content that earn rewards. 

Although there are quite a few crypto exchanges around that have been creating their own NFT marketplaces, social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook have been gearing up for the race too. Facebook has already hinted that its NOVI wallet would be supporting NFTs, with Twitter revealing in September that it was modifying its user interface that would allow users to put up an NFT as their display picture. 

The official statement from Reddit definitely implies that there is a lot coming down the horizon, and the social media platform is right in the middle of it.

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