Playboy Releases Ethereum-Based Rabbitars NFTs, Presale Begins in 2 Days

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Yuri Molchan

Playboy magazine joins the NFT craze, launching its NFTs on Ethereum for sale

Playboy has created Ethereum-based Rabbitars NFTs as ERC-721 tokens. The project’s website describes Playboy Rabbitars as a “lagomorphic-themed civilization of unique and non-fungible rabbits.” There are 11,953 of them, inspired by Playboy iconography, heritage and lore.

The news was shared by Chinese crypto journalist and blogger Colin Wu. He posted a screenshot from the project’s website, featuring some of the Playboy Rabbitars.

The sale will begin in two days at a mint price of 0.1953 ETH ($803). The website explains that in order to become an owner of such an NFT, a user needs to set up a Metamask wallet. However, NFTs will be available for sale both for fiat and crypto.

Those who want to pay in ETH need to load up their wallet at least two days before the sale starts. Presale for ETH will begin on Oct. 24. The public sale for U.S. dollars will start on Oct. 26, and the next day, users will be able to buy Rabbitars for ETH.

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It is possible to order 1-2 NFTs during the presale. At a public sale, one user is allowed to buy up to ten Rabbitars.

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