Nurse Turns Full-Time Cryptocurrency Trader, Earning More Than $1 Million

Josh Dorgan, a 31-year-old nurse from Nebraska, has turned crypto buying and selling into a full-time job that pays him a seven-figure salary, or at least USD 1 million, and allows him to work with his family. He earns a seven-figure salary, or at least USD 1 million, and has the option to work with his family. When Dorgan saw a data piece on Facebook about bitcoin (BTC) crossing the USD 2,000 barrier, he decided to start trading cryptocurrencies during his lunch breaks, according to Insider. With the increase of Covid-19 infections since the pandemic began in 2020, the vendor stated that modifying work, as well as procuring and selling, had become increasingly challenging.

After consulting with a financial consultant and assuring that he had enough assets to support himself “in the event that it didn’t work out,” he decided to leave his medical practise in August 2020 to pursue a full-time trading profession. The trader is now “very pleased” with his pick, and his current investments include traditional markets as well as cryptoassets such as bitcoin, litecoin (LTC), and ethereum, among other cryptocurrencies (ETH).

I found it quite aggravating to be sitting in my office making a couple hundred dollars a day or whatever it was, then walking out on my lunch break and generating my whole day’s revenue in five minutes, according to Dorgan, as quoted by Bloomberg.

Dorgan’s Facebook page shows him jet skiing and enjoying the lakefront home that the dealer acquired for a low price.

I miss taking care of the kids, of sure,” the trader admitted, but he added that he could help people in other ways by educating them about how the markets work.

Dorgan’s previous employer, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where he worked as a staff member of the Children’s Hospital & Medical Center’s Pediatric Nephrology Clinic at the time of publication, still identified him as a registered nurse on their website.

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