Martha Stewart Is Releasing Line of NFTs

Every so often, you see a news headline so absurd, so unbelievable, that you take a minute and blink.

Or, at the very least, you check to see if it’s from The Onion.

That happened to us this week when Martha Stewart announced the release of her very own line of nonfungible tokens (NFTs). These, as we’ve explained, are digital images recorded on the blockchain.

The first batch included images of pumpkin carvings.

Stewart told The Wall Street Journal: “I have been cool for a long time, but I’m even more cool now.”

The Winning Investor Daily team couldn’t help ourselves. We took to Skype to discuss:

Winning Investor Daily team discussing Stewart NFTIn all seriousness, though, Stewart made a shrewd business move. Many of her NFTs were marked as “sold out” by 11:30 a.m. Eastern time on release day. According to The New York Post, a few others went to auction. Bidding was roughly between $3,797 and $11,391.

This just points to the fact that blockchain-powered tech is here to stay.

After all, in the third quarter alone, NFT sales surged above $10 billion.

NFT sales surge Q3

When crypto gains in price, NFTs benefit, too.

As we’ve discussed all week, the crypto market is not slowing down. If anything, it’s gaining momentum.

If you think you’ve missed your chance — you’re dead wrong.

Blockchain tech companies are just now starting to come into their own. And while NFTs may not be for you, there’s an entire world of crypto to explore.

And if you need a guide, we know just the guy.

Click here for more details.

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