Exclusive Interview With M Gohel, Founder and Chairman of MAH Healthcare

In the recent World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, many blockchain industry leaders visited the CoinQuora media lounge. M Gohel, Founder and Chairman of MAH Healthcare visited us and gave us some insights into what they do at MAH Healthcare.

Q. Please introduce yourself and your projects for us.

I am M Gohel, and I’m the Founder of MH healthcare. MH healthcare is basically an Estonia-based company. It aims to implement healthcare with blockchain and healthcare IT projects in 18 different countries in the next few months.

Q. How do you integrate blockchain with healthcare?

So, due to the pandemic, healthcare has seen a lot of problems, and there are no concrete solutions. A few problems I can refer to here are its trusted data for the research, and easy claim settlement. There is no better incentive for the patients and a doctor to do these things. So, what we are doing, is we are doing all such problems together and we are giving a solution with our product.

Basically, our product and things are not a product it is actually a platform where you know, even later stage developer communities can also join the platform and they can build whatever they want in the healthcare domain. So, you must have seen there is a platform for everything for example messages, you have WhatsApp, but in healthcare, there is no such platform, whatever things you are seeing in the market, they all are products. So we are building a platform here, you know, so later on anybody can use our platform and build their own products in healthcare.

Q. What’s your goal with coming here in the World Blockchain Summit and how do you find it?

I guess, these guys did a very fantastic job, the trescon guys, you know, and the main thing is like, we want to spread our awareness about our product, you know, across the globe. So, I have seen like, you know, the, I’ve seen the people across the globe here. So, obviously, the funding part is another thing, but the main thing is the awareness of our product, what we are doing and what best we are doing for the industry and I guess it is done because I have seen people show up from across the globe here in the event.

Q. Are there any exciting projects that you want to promote?

Right now, our focus is only healthcare because after the pandemic you know, we have personally seen, you know, like a lot of problems in the healthcare industry and there are a few solutions in blockchain. You must have seen that all the old blockchain products are on a finance only, there are only like, you know, 1, 2, 3 products in a blockchain you know, in healthcare specifically. So there is no no match, you know, a great solution in the world. So we want to give one of the best solutions to the world.

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