Podcast: Growth v. Inflation, Firefighters Pension Buys Bitcoin, FTX Raises $420 Million

In the weekly roundup episode of Blockworks’ podcast “On the Margin,” Mike and Mark cover two concepts very deeply: 1) why structural growth is falling and 2) how that impacts inflation.

They spend a lot of time covering Mark’s “Killer D’s” Framework: Demographics, Debt, and Deflation, as well as taking a deep look at falling estimates for GDP growth, and the limits on how much trust can be put into central bankers predictions.

Later, they pick apart some charts (courtesy of Jurrien Trimmer of Fidelity) analyzing the performance of inflation, commodities, and the S&P during periods of economic expansion. They discuss the history of these trends before taking a look at some major stories from this week, including:

  • The launch of the Bitcoin ETF
  • FTX raising $420,690,000 from 69 investors
  • A Houston firefighter’s pension buying Bitcoin and Ether
  • and more!

Watch the full episode below! 👇

“On the Margin” is a two-part show. Once a week, Mike interviews industry experts, and then at the end of the week he is joined by co-host Mark Yusko where they break down the top crypto and macro stories. Episodes go live every Wednesday and Saturday morning.

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    Brianna Beckford is a Florida-based editor mainly focused on digital assets and the crossroads between the virtual and physical. As a University of Florida grad in Art + Technology, she’s dabbled in writing and reporting with a focus on the growth of hypermediacy in the present day. She focuses on video and podcasting for Blockworks.

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