CEO Khemani Discusses Enabling Speculative Trading on Synthetic Assets

CEO Khemani Discusses Enabling Speculative Trading on Synthetic Assets
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  •’s CEO talked about the essence of enabling speculative trading.
  • This will also give a fast-paced chance for crypto in a high frequency with low risk.
  • He said this in a recent podcast “TradeTalk” held by Jill Malandrino CEO Kay Khemani has hit it hard on ways and manners and perhaps, how important it’s to open up speculative trading mainly on synthetic assets in the market. He even said that doing this will also cover digital currencies in a high frequency with unleveraged and low-risk manner.

Of note, Khemani made this statement in a recent online interview held by Jill Malandrino. Specifically, the podcast was titled “TradeTalk” which eventually focused on the crypto trading discussion in real-time. Moreover, the TradeTalk interview features many other top industry leaders specifically on crypto market trends, news, and education as well.

Adding more on the matter, Khemani talked about decentralized finance, its possibilities, and how good it is for anyone to adopt it. In the podcast, he also explained how they were able to combine decentralized and centralized protocols in the creation of — the world’s first broker less trading platform.

In detail, Khemani even noted that is one of a kind that gives unleveraged access to traders and very low-risk management. These are the two key trading features that other existing brokers can’t provide to their customers, according to him.

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